Svetlana Herzen - lives and works in Moscow. In interior design, she came, they have had a successful career in commercial real estate. Graduated with honors from the school "Details", took a course of the Universal History of Art MGHPA them. SG Stroganov, training in the British School of Design KLC (London) and graduated from a number of professional courses. Received the most versatile knowledge in the field of design and interior decoration, all the necessary skills to work on the development of residential and public interiors, went into private practice.

Today, works created by her label Svetlana Herzen Design, program, which provides a full range of services, from creation to translate into reality the finished interiors: country houses, apartments, commercial and public spaces. Completed projects published in magazines Architectural Digest, Mezzanine


"My main goal is to understand the person who entrusted me with their home and make sure that this house was created a unique environment, ideally suited to the owner, his family and friends. This is an exciting and creative process that results in the creation of aesthetic and holistic world around you. "Profession designer - a way of thinking and way of life, a constant pleasure to work and surprise of the new, improved himself as a professional!

Inspiration everywhere, one has only to look around. Many new ideas borrowed from travel and, of course, is an endless source of nature. People works with Herzen, are at the core of everything it does. Each project - it's a fascinating journey, personal, memorable, and every time, no matter what it does not. We look forward to working with new people who share our passion for design, art, beauty and the creation of a harmonious world around them.